Gezelschapsspel: Sprawl Ops, geschreven door Catalyst Game Labs

Sprawl Ops

120 minuten
2 tot 4 spelers
13 - 99 jaar


Shadowrun Sprawl Ops puts players in control of their own team of shadowrunners, selecting who they'll hire and then building up the cash, gear, and abilities the runners need to survive the streets. You'll need to shape them into an efficient, deadly team, because they'll be pitted against other runners in a race to the top. Only one team will complete the final mission that scores a huge payday and wins the game. Do you have the guts, wiles, and treachery it will take to make it to the top? Time to find out!


Sprawl Ops
Catalyst Game Labs
120 minuten
Aantal spelers
2 tot 4 spelers
Aanbevolen leeftijd
13 - 99 jaar
Strategisch spel

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